Price Table

Rental Season Prices
March, April, October May, June 1-20, September June 21-30, July, August November, December, January, February
Spark 250 (max 4 occupants) 100,-€ 110,- € 120,- € -
Flow 395 (max 5 occupants) 120,-€ 150,- € 180,- € -
Breeze 385 (max 6 occupants) 110,-€ 140,- € 170,- € -
MIN NIGHTS OF RENT: 3 Nights 4 Nights 7 Nights -
* Additional cost for permanent residents outside Slovakia or Czech Republic: €40 per night due to Insurance.


This table shows the fees associated with various violations of the rental agreement for your campervans.

Rental Violations and Costs
Violations Cost
Driving km limit 2500km per rental €0.30/km (If informed in advance limit can be extended)
Delivery/collection outside working hours 50% of the nightly rent, min. €30
Dirty interior €30
Dirty exterior €10
Smoking in the vehicle €100
Loss of small TP €30
Unfueled vehicle €12 + refueling fee
Delay up to 3 hours €12 PER Hour
Delay over 3 hours €24 PER hour
Fine processing €12 + the amount of the fine

The rental price IS included:

  • km limit according to the number of rental days

  • compulsory contractual insurance (PZP)

  • accident insurance (co-payment 8%, min. 400 Eur)

  • SR highway stamp

  • road tax

  • seasonal tyres

  • seating set (table, 6 x chairs)

  • electric cable with reduction

  • straps for attaching the awning

  • toiletries

  • full service water tank

  • 1 x full gas bomb

  • sheets on mattresses

  • water refill hose

  • carpet under the awning

  • training for the use of the vehicle

The rental price does NOT include:

  • pillows, duvets, blankets

  • highway signs to other countries

  • cleaning from mud, excessive pollution of the interior, clogged toilet or drains.

Reservation conditions and cancellation conditions:

The binding reservation is subject to the payment of 50% of the total rental fee minimum of 42 days prior to the planned rental. The full rental amount must be paid no later than 14 days before the planned rental. The deposit of 1,000 Euros must be paid no later than on the day of vehicle collection. We send invoices via email.

In case of withdrawal from the contract, we charge cancellation fees (if we secure a booking for the canceled period, we will return any charged cancelation fees):

  • 42 days before the planned rental: 50% of the total rental price

  • 14 days before the planned rental in the amount of 50% of the rental price

Spark 250

Brand new Vehicle

Breeze 385

Brand new Vehicle

Flow 395

Brand new Vehicle

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